Derek Jetzke

Derek has been captivated with the outdoors and deeply involving himself within it since an
early age. The belief that multi-sport adventures is the best way to find something new has
taken him to camping spots where few have been. His desire to find new places and make
footprints where few steps have been is what has taken him to some of the most beautiful
places in the world.
Passionate about hiking, climbing, and exploring in general, he uses paddling as a vessel to add
a new dynamic to these sports. Some of his accomplishments include multi-pitch climbing 1100
ft. routes, rafting through the Grand Canyon, trekking 100 miles through Cordillera Blanca, and
snowboarding in places such as Colorado, France, Russia, and Alaska.
Living in Alaska for the past 5 years has allowed him to explore much of the Tongass Narrows
and experience the quickly changing conditions of the weather. He hopes to be able to add an
extended and noteworthy paddling trip to his life experiences such as paddling from Juneau to
Ketchikan this summer.
His passion for the outdoors has made him want to share his experiences and spread the word
of how adding the sport of paddling can make an average hike or camping trip into something

My Boats

Elias Series

The Elias series takes its design cues the popular women’s specific Eliza kayak, bringing a slightly longer and larger hull model to market that appeals to a broad variety of paddlers. A playful and comfortable craft, the Elias offers a performance fit cockpit that enables paddlers to 'grip' the boat for edging and lean turning while still maintaining an easy feel for the more casual paddler. Good primary stability and excellent secondary stability combine with the platform's proven low and balanced windage design to give the Elias an assuring, confident ride in even the most challenging conditions. Read More