Arron Barber

Born and raised on Florida’s space coast I was introduced to fishing at a very early age. My earliest memory of fishing was with my father at a local fresh water lake. I bugged him so much to fish that he finally found me a stick, 2ft of line, a rusty hook, and a dead blood worm on the bank. I caught a shiner. My life has pretty much revolved around fishing ever since. I spent most of my spare time practicing my casting in the back yard, watching my idols Flip Pallot and Jose Wejebe on Saturday mornings, or spending quality time on the water with my Pops.
I have always been fascinated with all types of fishing with fly fishing being my favorite. After a stint in the military and starting a family elsewhere I found my way back to the space coast. By that time kayak fishing had started to make a pretty big presence on the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoons. One day I took a trip to Kayaks by Bo in Titusville and purchased a Predator 13 and have not looked back. Kayak fishing has been a major change in my fishing life and I couldn’t be happier.
Recently I have got involved with great programs such as Anglers for Conservation Hook Kids on Fishing and Hero’s on the water which has allowed me to share my deep passion for the sport to the next generation of anglers and veterans. In the near future I plan on getting my wife and 2 daughters into kayak fishing and show them how awesome this sport is.
Kayak: Predator XL
Sponsor: Grandslam Baits

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