Andy Cho

Hometown: Kona, Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)

Favorite Ocean Kayak: Right now my favorite kayak is the Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game. I like the stability it's has, created by it's wide platform. I also like the amount of internal storage that is available for my fish that  come home for the market. It's large hatch allows for easy access to my fish bag to ice up fish and the front hatch allows for a fish bag big enough to fit 80# tunas. Being the most stable kayak on the market it allows for large pelagic fish to be landed with ease and without any worry of capsizing. I am currently rigging up a Trident 15 for my style of fishing and am encouraged by the access to the rod pod for fish storage and it's beautiful hull design for long range big game treks out to sea. Another feature that is a big factor in my fishing is the Humminbird transducer scupper design, I use fishfinder to all of it's advantages to help me catch fish, often seeing them on the fishfinder before i hook them, and the transducer being in the water is a big part of this.

Other equipment used:  Humminbird 788 ci , Okuma cedros leverdrag reels, Okuma tournament series rods, Ande leader line, ACD custom gaffs and kage

About Andy:  I was born and raised in Kona, Hawaii , and have been exposed to the ocean all my life. I have a commercial fishing family and this has helped to mold my kayak fishing style into what is today. While growing up I was always surfing, fishing and paddling , so as I got older I began to mold all of these into one passion kayak fishing. I is part of  the Aquahunters team, trying to make Hawaii recognized as the mecca for unassisted big game kayak fishing. I have been kayak fishing for 5 years and in that time I have caught some amazing fish such as, 225# Pacific blue marlin , 99# amberjack, 93# sailfish, 74 # wahoo , 85# yellowfin  to name a few. I also likes to guide people on their way to catching lifetime memories. I hope to represent Ocean Kayak in my mission to travel the pacific and set new kayak fishing records. 

My Boats

Trident Series

Got fish? With the help of our Modular Fishing Pod you soon will. Featured on the Trident 11 and 13 this central command center provides unmatched flexibility for rod mounts along with sports trays for odd-shaped lures, and it even has a built-in ruler to make sure that catch is legal. Read More

Prowler Series

One of the most popular angler kayaks on the market, the Prowler 13 combines performance with features. A large bow hatch, an oversized tank well and several places to mount fishing gear, the Prowler 13 was designed to produce results. Read More