Danny Howlett

I was born into this world with love for fishing and the outdoors. I cut my teeth on a Snoopy kiddie pole which was handed down to me by my brother David. From that point on, my passion for fishing and the outdoors began. Through the years I honed my skills in the plains and mountains of Wyoming. From Bluegill to Walleye, I caught them all. The greatest memories I have as a child came from the camping trips my family and I took around that state.

When I turned 18, I bought my first kayak. From that time on I was not stuck on shore anymore. Since then I have paddled and owned several. People used to look at me like I was crazy as I fished in an old wooden kayak that should have been used for fire wood years ago. Looking back I have to laugh at the way I had to fish from them. With no storage or rod holders it was a mess, but that never stopped me. There was not a body of water or river around which I did not paddle.

Currently I live in Georgia with water all around me and more fishing holes than you cast a rod to! When I am not working or sleeping. I am in my kayak fishing the stained waters of the south. I mostly target largemouth bass here. I caught my first one on a worm 5 years ago, since then they have haunted my dreams. With the ocean well within driving distance, I plan to explore it on my kayak as well someday soon.

It has always been a dream and goal of mine to be part of a kayak fishing team, so I couldn't be more thrilled to join the Adventure On The Water team. I look forward to sharing my kayak fishing adventures with you!

My Boats

Predator Series

Prepare yourself for a totally new fishing experience. The Predator will bring you closer to the water and the action with highly customized features that are engineered to meet the needs of avid anglers and weekend warriors, alike. Read More