David Woods

Hometown: South Padre Island, Texas
Kayak of Choice
: Scrambler XT
About David
: They call David the "Sharkman of South Padre Island".   Coming from a commercial fishing background, He began charter fishing in the 90's, and has been a full-time guide ever since.  At his guide service, Sharkman Surf Fishing, he primarily fishes the surf zone for sharks, bull reds, blue fish, and pompano.  He is a catch and release shark fisherman that tags and releases sharks for Texas A&M;'s Harte Institute and the federal government in NOAA's Apex Predator Program and is also a published writer and photojournalist for the South Padre Island Press and Hooked RGV magazine. David was recently featured in Outdoor Life Magazine as a superstar of surf fishing.
My Motto:
  The Difference a Day Makes

My Boats

Prowler Series

One of the most popular angler kayaks on the market, the Prowler 13 combines performance with features. A large bow hatch, an oversized tank well and several places to mount fishing gear, the Prowler 13 was designed to produce results. Read More