Eric Henson

My love for paddling and fishing began at a very young age. I grew up on a beautiful lake in DeLand , FL. My dad bought a red Old Town Canoe for us to paddle around the lake. My next door neighbor on the lake was a Pro Bass fisherman who regularly stocked our lake with all types of freshwater species. When I was 9 years old, my dad and neighbor bought me my first spinning reel for my birthday. I was blessed to have this great introduction to the water at such a young age. I spent much of my childhood in that shiny red canoe paddling the lake every day, catching Largemouth Bass, Stripe Bass, Speckled Perch, and Blue Gill.
I moved to the west coast of Florida when I was 14 years old. I hadn’t ever really done any serious saltwater fishing before that, except off of docks, beaches, and piers. We had left the canoe with the lake house when we moved. I continued fishing from land and from friends’ boats, but I kept thinking about how fun it would be to get back to paddling around catching fish. As soon as I was old enough to get my first truck, I was ready to get something to paddle! Kayaks were just starting to become popular for fishing, so, I invested in my first kayak. It was called a Dawn Tracker by Ocean Kayak. At the time it was one of Ocean Kayak’s top of the line sit-in fishing kayaks. Man, when I got in the water with that thing, I felt invincible—the unlimited places I was able to go with it. I can’t even begin to tell you how many fish that I caught out of that yak.
Now, over 15yrs. later I am a Pro Kayak fishing Angler and a fulltime Kayak Fishing Guide. The proud owner of Casting Kayaks, LLC out of Sarasota  FL. One of my greatest enjoyments in life is helping friends and clients experience the beauty and thrill of kayak fishing. Teaching them how to use different types of lures (I specialize in artificial baits) and watching them catch the biggest fish of their life!  My mission in life is to get anyone and everyone into a kayak on the water and to share my life through their eyes… to bless them as I have been blessed.  Experiences like these can be life changing.

Pro Staff or Sponsors:

Johnson Outdoors:), Mister Twister Exude, MirroLure, Paul Brown's, St. Croix Rods, Costa Sunglasses, Yo-Zuri, Buff, Ross Reels
My Favorite Kayaks:

The Predator 13 is my "go-to" yak. It is one of the most well thought, cleverly designed kayaks I've ever had the pleasure to paddle. The wide standing platform with great stability is a must for me, and it still glides through the water with ease. When Kayak fishing you have to be extremely organized and everything on this boat just makes sense. The well placed removable mounting plates, the roomy storage, and its unbelievably comfortable seat make this kayak the ultimate fishing machine! I pride myself in using nothing but the best products.
The Prowler Big Game 2 is my next boat of choice. Again, Ocean went above and beyond in a clever, well thought out design.  It rides a little lower to the water which makes it an excellent offshore kayak. Its wide frame makes it super stable but, it still rips through the water with ease. The unbelievably comfortable seat makes trolling all day very pleasurable. And again, the well calculated removable mounting plates, storage, etc… make this boat another awesome fishing machine!
Last but not least, the Malibu XL 2 Angler is my first boat of choice for a tandem kayak. The wide frame makes it super stable but, also long enough to cut through the water with minimal effort. It is great when taking clients out who want me with them on their kayak, for more hands-on assistance. Plenty of room and storage for two anglers.
I’m very thankful to have such an amazing fleet so I can give my friends and clients the best possible experience every time we are out on the water!

My Boats

Predator Series

Prepare yourself for a totally new fishing experience. The Predator will bring you closer to the water and the action with highly customized features that are engineered to meet the needs of avid anglers and weekend warriors, alike. Read More

Malibu Series

These highly versatile sit-on-top doubles with patented overlapping foot wells allow for one, two or even two and a child (or dog) paddling day trips. These boats have the same rough sea abilities as the singles and offer great fun and stability to families, outfitters, and resorts. Read More

Prowler Big Game II

Designed for anglers looking for a high capacity fishing kayak that will easily carry all the necessary equipment, the Prowler Big Game II offers ample room and outstanding stability without sacrificing performance. With six removable mounting plates, the Element seating system, and plenty of storage you'll be ready for a full day of comfort and fully prepared to battle. Read More