Greg Gaudreau

Team Member - The Massachusetts Freedivers Spearfishing Club (

Greg was born and raised in Foxboro, Massachusetts and currently lives in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Greg grew up freshwater fishing on local ponds with his father starting at the age of 4. Since then he has been glued to the water. Once Greg turned about 8 he began freediving those lakes and ponds while his father was fishing down the banks. He always enjoyed fishing with his dad in the quiet ponds, but as Greg grew older, he began to want to target larger fish and more challenging waters. He turned his eyes twords the Sea.

First he was surf casting for Striped Bass and Bluefish, then he began beach fishing for Sandbar Shark in the summertime. Not long after that his dad suprised him with an Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game. With his new kayak in hand, Greg began to go offshore fishing, scuba diving and crab trapping. In addition he would run rivers and punch through rough ocean surf with his kayak. You name it - he does it.  It so happens that a trick of Fate would bring Greg beneath the waters of the North Atlantic. He happened upon a spearfisherman one day...

Greg was instantly entranced. He watched as these men would hold their breath, dive benethe the surface of the water for up to several minutes, and return with a trophy sized fish.

"It seemed like the ultimate challenge. You are in the fish's world. You are the predator now. Your air is rationed, the Ocean is beneath, above and around you. It's the most intense battle you can have with an animal - hand to hand. With my Big Game, nothing can stop me! I think my Big Game is the best kayak made. The fact I can go spearfish, scuba dive, rod and reel and crab trap with one kayak makes it the best."

Several years have passed since then and Greg is currently a board member for the Massachusetts Freedivers - a spearfishing group that hosts several competetive and non-competetive meets along the New England coastlines. He still uses his Prowler Big Game; It's his favorite kayak for the North Atlantic Spearfishing Championship.

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