Joel Abrahamsson

Home Base: Gothenburg, Sweden

About Joel: I am a Swedish kayak angler with a fascination for big fish in cold water. I first got in contact with an Ocean Kayak boat this summer when I was doing a guided halibut trip. We were fishing a strong tidal current up on the Barents Sea when we experienced some bad conditions. One of the clients was in his personal Trident 13 and while my kayaks performed badly in the choppy water the Trident was solid as a rock. It was the narrowest boat we had with us but it was still the most reliable in tough conditions. I gave it a try and I realized I would have to replace my fleet for the coming season. I was hooked!
North Norway is where I travel to get my kicks fishing for some of the most amazing cold water species that exists. I do not know exactly what it is with the steep Norwegian mountainsides and cold salt water that fascinates me but I feel a strong connection with that harsh environment. In the summer the water temperature will rarely be warmer than 8 degrees Celsius but due to the Golf Stream it will not get colder than 6 degrees Celsius in winter making it possible to target big fish all year round.
 My favorite fish to target is the Atlantic halibut that grows to over 500lb in the waters I fish. I also fish for big Coalfish, cod and wolf-fish.
This summer I went on an expedition in an attempt to catch a Greenland shark from a kayak. Greenland sharks are weird creatures. They live in extreme depths and very little is known about them. As a part of a research program I got the opportunity to try and catch one. I caught an estimated 1247lb shark from my kayak.
 Expeditions and challenges are a big part of my angling and I set up goals that I will work at achieving. My next goal is to catch an Atlantic halibut over 100kg or 225lbs, secure it to my kayak and release it alive.
 I also fish for big European freshwater predators and fishing for pike with heavy lures is one of my favorite types of fishing.
 I am starting up a kayak fishing shop in Sweden and I will of course stock both Ocean Kayak and Old Town. I also run a guiding service doing kayak fishing trips for halibut, coalfish and other species in Norway. I also guide for freshwater predator species in Sweden.
 I work as a freelance angling reporter. I regularly write in Swedish and European magazines and I am also a contributor to Kayak Angler magazine and Kayak fish magazine in the states. I also make fishing films and seminars. I am on the Pro staff for Penn Sweden and ABU-Garcia and work closely with them on various different projects.
But, most of all I just enjoy fishing from my kayak and the adventures it brings along.

My Boats

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Trident Series

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