John Kenny

Home Base: Paso Robles, CA

About John aka JK: I am an avid kayak fisherman from the Central Coast of California.  This area covers Santa Barbara to Big Sur and offers some absolutely terrific fishing in some of the most beautiful, scenic spots on the California coast.  Those of us that call this home are truly lucky to live here.  I moved here from the SF Bay Area in 2003 and shortly after started kayak fishing.

I began fishing as a young kid going on vacations with my family.  My grandparents lived in Weaverville, CA close to Shasta Lake and the Trinity River.  Fishing the Trinity is one of my favorite memories as a kid.  My dad was a lawyer without much free time ... but anytime he had to get away we were fishing.  We would go out on San Francisco Bay if he had the time for a quick trip. He passed away when I was just 13 but he instilled the fishing bug that still thrives in me today.  I can only imagine my dad's kayak if he got into this sport - it would have every gadget on the market - less is more was not his mantra.  More gear - more lures - more stuff for catching fish!!!  I think about him often while I am fishing and know he would have had a blast on the kayak.

Most of the time I am out in the ocean fishing for rockfish or halibut.  We have lots of great launch spots along the coast.  We also have some great bass fishing lakes as well.  My main kayak is the Old Town Predator 13 - I picked one up as soon as it came out at ICAST.  I can't imagine a better kayak for fishing - so much thought went into the design of this kayak there is always something new to appreciate as you try different types of fishing from fresh to salt water.  By far my favorite feature is the seat - I have spent more than 8 hours in it and the only thing that is sore are my arms from paddling and reeling in fish.  It is a dream for anybody that fights back pain.  The stability is second to none - I can't wait for next Spring to arrive and sight fishing.

In 2010 I started with a fishing buddy, Ryan Howell aka RHYAK.  We met through NCKA and then on the water fishing.  We kept saying there isn't anything that covers our area for reports and info.  So we decided to start our own site.  We have  a blast meeting so many people and sharing info with them.  We have over 500 active members and are always looking for more.  If you plan on visiting the Central Coast, go to the site, plan a hookup and get on the water - you won't be disappointed.

Winter brings rough seas so I tend to use that time for lure making.  I love my 5 oz lead jigs with Flashabou.  These are a twist on a Larry Dahlberg creation.  I don't sell them but will be happy to show you how to make them.  I have links under My Videos or look up CCYakFishing on YouTube and there are 4 videos on lure making.  If you have any questions feel free to send me an e-mail.

Twitter: @JK_CCKF
YouTube: CCYakFishing

My Boats

Predator Series

Prepare yourself for a totally new fishing experience. The Predator will bring you closer to the water and the action with highly customized features that are engineered to meet the needs of avid anglers and weekend warriors, alike. Read More

Trident Series

Got fish? With the help of our Modular Fishing Pod you soon will. Featured on the Trident 11 and 13 this central command center provides unmatched flexibility for rod mounts along with sports trays for odd-shaped lures, and it even has a built-in ruler to make sure that catch is legal. Read More