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When you think of Indiana what comes to mind? Corn? The Indy 500? Fishing? The last one probably doesn't come up much on anyone's list, but I'm here to tell you that Indiana is absolutely full of amazing and diverse fishing opportunities. We've got an unbelievable Lake Michigan Skamania Steelhead and Coho Salmon fishery. There are quite a few heavily stocked and highly productive Muskie lakes. A few rivers in the northern part of the state would rival any rivers in Michigan for Northern Pike. The central part of the state has what I believe to be some of the best and most scenic Smallmouth Bass rivers around. The northern part of Indiana is dotted with tons of natural lakes that are home to a wide range of Panfish and Walleyes. The DNR also maintains are robust and underutilized Rainbow Trout lake stocking program. There are almost too many different fish and locations to mention. The best part of all these opportunities is that I have got to experience them all from my Predator MX. All you need to have access to all of these incredible opportunities is a kayak and the drive to explore. Wonder what's in the river you drive over every day on the way to work? There only one to find out and it's not by sitting at home on the couch. Want to catch a new species of fish? Do some research then get out and give it a go! I've been kayak fishing for almost 10 years now and from the very start the best part of having a kayak was the adventure that came with fishing new waters and targeting new species of fish. I've learned so much and had a lot of great success and some spectacular failures along the way! I've also met a ton of new people along the way and love exchanging stories and exploring new waters together. I've been keeping a BLOG of my adventures since 2014 and frequently add pictures, videos, and stories of my adventures. Check it out when you have some time and drop me a line on Facebook or at my email address. Don't be afraid to get out and see what new and exciting fishing opportunities are out there waiting for you!

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