Kayak Kevin Whitley

Home Base: Norfolk, VA - lower Chesapeake Bay
Favorite Ocean Kayak, and why:
“I have three kayaks that are in use regularly, I use a Tetra 12 in my home inlet, where I’m paddling under two miles. My main boat is the Trident 13. The Trident series hull design and deck set up was a huge step up from the previous Prowler series. The hull was shaped to add stability by adding a slight skiff style chine at the widest points at the seat. But at the same time the tracking was made better by pulling down the Prowlers predominant rocker putting more of the bow and stern in the water.

The T13 is the perfect size for maneuvering around out of the water structures like bridge pilings, but long enough to paddle comfortably at longs distances. The invention of the rod pod has changed where I store stuff while on the water. Stuff I use to have to hold in the tank well now can be stored below deck, bringing the weight below the water line, making the boat even more stable.

I also have a Trident 15 for distance. That is the boat that has fully blended my love of touring and has full fishing capabilities.”

About Kevin:

Kayak Kevin Whitley has been and continues to be kayak fishing trail blazer in his home waters of the Chesapeake Bay. He was the first to target and innovate many of the kayak techniques of this fishery including trophy red drum and striper. Kevin was the first kayak angler to achieve the Virginia Saltwater Expert Angler award in 2006, and again in 2007.  In 2011 he was the first kayak angler to reach Virginia’s Saltwater Master Angler.
Kevin is also a long distance touring kayaker. Completing six extended kayak tours, including a four and a half month, 1,800 mile tour from Pensacola Florida to Norfolk Virginia. All of the tours where done in an Ocean Kayak Manta. In 2009 Kevin was featured in the first “Game On” movie, prompting him to produce is own DVDs, the award winning “Kayak Fishing the Chesapeake Bay”. This film showcases Kevin and crew over a year of kayak fishing the Bay. The “Chesapeake Bay Tour” chronicles the six week 600 mile tour of the Bay, and “Kayak Fishing the Chesapeake Bay 2” reveals the techniques on the spring and summer bay fishery. And the upcoming “Kayak Fishing the Chesapeake Bay 3” showing the how-to’s of the winter Bay fishery.
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My Boats

Predator Series

Prepare yourself for a totally new fishing experience. The Predator will bring you closer to the water and the action with highly customized features that are engineered to meet the needs of avid anglers and weekend warriors, alike. Read More

Tetra Series

The Tetra is unlike any other Ocean Kayak we have introduced to the market. Sleek and sporty, this low profile craft has clean lines and glides through the water with ease. Equipped with the unique Comfort Hybrid seat back the Tetra is ready to ride the minute you hit the water.  Available in the 10’ or 12’ lengths this kayak is perfect for day trips, kayak angling or a casual paddle after work. Read More

Trident Series

Got fish? With the help of our Modular Fishing Pod you soon will. Featured on the Trident 11 and 13 this central command center provides unmatched flexibility for rod mounts along with sports trays for odd-shaped lures, and it even has a built-in ruler to make sure that catch is legal. Read More