Mike Chace

Team Member - The Massachusetts Freedivers Spearfishing Club (www.massfreedivers.com)

I was lucky to be born and raised on the waters of Narraganset Bay in Massachusetts. I grew up fishing, shell fishing and boating New England as a way of life with my brothers and father who lit the passion in me from an early age. After covering just about every type of fishing the North East had to offer from fly rodding stripers, ground fishing and offshore... I was looking for that next level to graduate to and fuel my passion for the ocean.

When I was first introduced to freedive spearfishing a fire was lit that burns brighter each season. It just seemed such a natural fit and somewhere my passion could evolve to. After spending a lifetime persuing fish on top of the water I know spend every free minute chasing fish beneath the surface. The challenge is immense and equaled only by the beauty we get to experience while freediving. Unencumbered by the elimination of all the added gear associated with scuba, freediving on the other hand... allows the diver a more fluid and natural immersion into the underwater environment. Allowing us to become part of that world for a breath hold at a time. When I won Largest Fish at the first tournament I competed in for the Mass Freedivers Club I was stoked. I found tournaments are a great way for divers with the same passion to come together and share experiences and knowledge. 

I freedive for lobsters for fun and dive competitively in the North Atlantic Championship Tournament Series. Recently competed in the 2013 US Nationals Spearfishing Championship and I am a club rep of the Mass Freedivers Club.

My regular dive platform is an Ocean Kayak Drifter which I love because it offers great stability and is able to easily carry all my gear and fish.

I use a variety of freediving and spearfishing gear but almost dive exclusively with Mares spearguns and wetsuits, which you will find with all my other gear at our favorite  spearfishing web site - www.NewportFreedive.com .