Marc Krsek

       Imagine a striking sunrise set over pristine, crystal clear, and glassy lagoon waters. You slowly paddle into the seemingly endless estuary, while you watch Manatees breach the surface, Dolphin teaming up to feed on a mullet pod, and wading birds patiently waiting for that perfect moment to strike. As you reach your target area, a large school of Bull Redfish is present, happily milling around the shallow flat while their backs and tails break the smooth surface. You stand up on the deck of your Old Town Predator 13 and silently pole into range, taking the utmost care not to spook these wary and wise monsters. You come into range, present your offering past the school and slowly work it towards them. Then a Redfish longer than your leg inhales it, sending the school into a frenzy and you on the best sleigh ride of your life.

       This is my passion, this is what I live for. My name is Marc Krsek and I am blessed to live in an area where this is not only just possible, it is a common occurance year round. The Space Coast of florida encompasses three different lagoons within it's boundaries. The Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River Lagoon, and Banana River Lagoon. All offer world class fishing year round. We have a plethora of gamefish to target including massive Redfish, some of the biggest Spotted Seatrout anywhere in the world, trophy sized Snook, and Tarpon big and small just to name a few. 

       Our area is very unique in many ways, but one of the most intriguing things about it is the fact that our breeder sized Redfish spend their whole lifecycle inshore. Most populations of breeder Reds anywhere else spend their lives offshore, but ours live and spawn within the estuaries, restocking the area with Redfish yearly. This offers anglers a crack at Reds commonly exceeding 50" in length in just a couple feet of water. 
       I live for the stalk, the hunt, the catch, the release. I was born and raised here, and will spend every one of my years here doing what I love to do. Not only that, doing it from one of the best fishing platforms you can ever own, the Predator 13. I look forward to sharing all of my Adventures On The Water with you!  

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