Miguel Pandich

I was born and raised in Upstate NY, freshwater fishing for Walleye, Musky Trout and Smallmouth Bass. From an early age, fishing was just as much a part of my life as breathing. At three years old, I (with the help of my Grandfather) landed a 10lb. 30" brown trout that really kicked off my love and passion for fishing. Today, the skin mount of that Trout still hangs, reminding me of the great times I shared with my Grandfather. Growing up, I  had the best fishing mentor a boy could ask for and all the fishing knowledge and life lessons I was taught, I bestow on my kids today! Thank you Grandpa!

At the Age of 21, I took a chance and moved to beautifull Florida, caught my first Snook in the brackish saltwater and I have never looked back. Inshore Saltwater fishing quickly became an obsession and what better way to access these skinny waters than with a kayak!

I dove head first into kayak fishing forums and websites, taking in all the information that I could and I quickly progressed. Rat Redfish became overslot Redfish, weekend fishing became tournament fishing and those websites I used to read, my pictures and articles were now featured on them.

Today, I am lucky to be part of the Johnson Outdoors and Adventure on the Water Pro Staff and family, as well the co-owner and founder of YakAngling.com, YakAngling Magazine and YakAngling Charters. I volunteer my services for my local Heroes on the Water Chapter here in Northeast Florida and am part of the tournament and events planning board for my local Sport Fishing club (Flagler Sportfishing Club) as well as monthly group speaker. I am a weekly contributor for the "Gone Fishin' Radio Show" in Jacksonville, FL. Also, I am a Brand Ambassador for Yak-Gear and respresent a few other companies Pro-Staff's as well!

My biggest accomplishemt in kayak fishing, is the ability to enjoy my passion with my children and showing others how easy it is (under propoer guidance and supervision) to enjoy kayaks and kayak fishing with their familes and children as well. My 5 year son, Nicholas, has already started showing up in videos, websites, magazines and catalogs with his fishing success!

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My Boats

Predator Series

Prepare yourself for a totally new fishing experience. The Predator will bring you closer to the water and the action with highly customized features that are engineered to meet the needs of avid anglers and weekend warriors, alike. Read More

Prowler Series

One of the most popular angler kayaks on the market, the Prowler 13 combines performance with features. A large bow hatch, an oversized tank well and several places to mount fishing gear, the Prowler 13 was designed to produce results. Read More

Prowler Big Game II

Designed for anglers looking for a high capacity fishing kayak that will easily carry all the necessary equipment, the Prowler Big Game II offers ample room and outstanding stability without sacrificing performance. With six removable mounting plates, the Element seating system, and plenty of storage you'll be ready for a full day of comfort and fully prepared to battle. Read More