Stephanie Buhler

Broadly, I am interested how marine predators change food web structure through predation and altering their prey's behaviour by merely being present. More so, I am interested in how overfishing of these marine top predators can affect ecosystem function.

Coastal ecosystems such as mangrove tidal creeks and nearshore coral reef systems are heavily impacted by humans (i.e habitat destruction, overfishing, and eutrophication), thus understanding how these impacts affect valuable coastal food webs is a critical research goal. Currently, I am conducting my research in Abaco, Bahamas, investigating how the widespread decline of top predators and coral reefs will affect community dynamics in nearshore coastal communities

A few fish that I work with on the daily: 

Nassau Grouper
Grey Snapper
White grunts
Lemon Sharks
Nurse Sharks
Southern Stingrays

Personal Website

The Abaco Scientist

Save Our Seas Foundation: Drone Diaries of the Bahamas

My Boats

Malibu Series

These highly versatile sit-on-top doubles with patented overlapping foot wells allow for one, two or even two and a child (or dog) paddling day trips. These boats have the same rough sea abilities as the singles and offer great fun and stability to families, outfitters, and resorts. Read More