Tony Lai

Home Base: Saint Petersburg, Florida

Favorite Ocean Kayak and why: My favorite kayak has to be the Trident 13 because in my opinion it is the best all around kayak on the market. Its options like the rod pod, solanar shield, hull design and the easy access of storage space makes it the perfect boat. Its an all around great boat for any type of fishing.

Other Equipment: St. Croix rods, Shimano reels, Extrasport PFDs, Columbia clothing, Costa Del Mar sunglasses, Carlisle Paddles, Hummingbird fishfinders, Plano tackle boxes, Malone kayak racks, and Engle coolers. I used these products because I'm rough on my equipment fishing 3-4 days out of a week and through trial and error I find these products to last the longest and the quality is the best on the market.

About Tony: I have been fishing all my life from shrimp boats as a kid until nowadays where I'll be fishing anywhere I can get a line wet. I was introduced to kayaks in the mid 90's by a good friend and fell in love with the sport soon after. I like the fact of being free on the water at a very reasonable price. What I mean by "free" is being able to make any place a launching area. I have put my skills and knowledge to test fishing competitively and have done well in kayak and boat tournaments. In my spare time I like to introduce people to kayak fishing or just promoting my passion for the sport.

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My Boats

Trident Series

Got fish? With the help of our Modular Fishing Pod you soon will. Featured on the Trident 11 and 13 this central command center provides unmatched flexibility for rod mounts along with sports trays for odd-shaped lures, and it even has a built-in ruler to make sure that catch is legal. Read More

Malibu Series

These highly versatile sit-on-top doubles with patented overlapping foot wells allow for one, two or even two and a child (or dog) paddling day trips. These boats have the same rough sea abilities as the singles and offer great fun and stability to families, outfitters, and resorts. Read More