Tim Weiss

Home Base: Fontana, Wisconsin

Current Gear: The Tetra 10! The reason why i choose the tetra series of kayaks is because the sweet unique design. The light weight makes anyone take it down to the lake without a problem. The hull design makes me feel like I am paddling in the air, It cuts through the water and waves like nothing is even there. To add to the hull is that the tetra 10 is only 10 feet long which makes it very easy to transport in any type of car. The really cool part about this kayak is the mounts. The monpod 2 allows you to mount gopro mounts, fish finders, cannon rod holders, Scotty mounts, or yak attack mounts. This makes all the mounts easy and accessible . To me the stability is the best in the business, it's large beam makes the whole kayak like a bass boat platform which is very comfortable, stable, and dry. The other boat I own is the Ocean Kayak nalu 11. This boat is a 11 foot stand up paddle board. I love my paddle board because its very stable. Its so stable that I can flip and pitch for bass in heavy cover, with no problems at all. The great thing about this paddle board is that's it tracks straight. What I mean is that when your're paddling, the paddle board paddles straight. This paddle board is great for fishing. Its comfortable for fishing all day.This paddle board KEEPS YOU DRY. No more being soaken wet and uncomfortable, now you are able to fish more, and hopefully catch more fish.
About Tim: I am a dedicated young man that is passionate about the outdoors and fishing. I am all about great products and sharing my experiences with others. I am the youngest adventure team member and always fish in fresh water. I target many species but my main focus is bass, walleye, northern pike and muskie. I travel around many places and lakes in search of large freshwater game fish. The water I mainly fish is Geneva Lake that holds huge fish. In addition I also routinely fish Long and Herde lake in New Alburn WI which has a excellent fishery which hold many types of game fish.  I work for lake geneva guide service. I enjoy other sports like baseball and ice hockey but I am very passionate about fishing and when I am not on the water I am thinking about the next time I will be on the water.  

Other sponsors: Powerpole, St.Croix, Double Catch Lures, Team Chatterbait, Tyrant Tackle, Muskie Innovations, Yak Attack and Quantum Reels

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My Boats

Tetra Series

The Tetra is unlike any other Ocean Kayak we have introduced to the market. Sleek and sporty, this low profile craft has clean lines and glides through the water with ease. Equipped with the unique Comfort Hybrid seat back the Tetra is ready to ride the minute you hit the water.  Available in the 10’ or 12’ lengths this kayak is perfect for day trips, kayak angling or a casual paddle after work. Read More