1st Charter of the Year with New Client Nick

First Charter of the year started out with the weather taking a nasty change since prior weeks. We had a very warm November and December leaving many to believe the winter wouldn't be so harsh about as the last few days have shown mother nature is a fickle beast. We've gone from some of our warmest days down to some rather chilly, cloudy, and rainy days totaly switching up the fishing patterns of the area. Nothing new to me as I'm used to it but it can be a bit of let down for clients when they pick a day and that day isn't always the best conditions.

However being a seasoned guide is what makes you and your  business what it is, and how I am able to stay in business all this time going on 6 years. I canceled our morning charter and switched it up to a afternoon charter to let the flats warm up so the fish would move back up from the deeper water where they hide when the flats drop below 65degrees, and then move back up in the afternoon after the sun has warmed the 2ft of water back up.

I tried to take Nick to a spot that had been producing but the wind had other ideas so we launched into the north Indian River Lagoon pretty blind, but I got to work. The water was murky and sight fishing was out of the question. It was blind casting and soaking bait.

We were on fish but they didn't want any artificials and presentations were limited due to visibility so we switched up to cut mullet and the fish began biting;

First up was a very unusual bite from a 24-25" trout that picked up a piece of mullet rounder in diameter than itself.

Than after that we got into some slot Reds.

The bite continued on till about 4:30pm than as the clouds moved in and the sun began to drop so did the water temps and with that the fish moved back out to deep water. All in all Nick caught 5 nice reds and 1 nice trout all about the Predator which he loved!!!

Plenty of Charters coming up the next few months so stay tuned for more stories.

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