1st Tarpon

After spending a good chunk of my day yesterday fighting and bringing in two beautiful Tarpon  (my 1st and 2nd ever!)  I decided to sit down and write about it.  
Where to start?
The search and launch? 
The prep?
The rigging?
The snatching of bait?
The bow?
Of the hundreds of steps that must be taken to land a silver king, the most important step for me was having a person like Mike Kogan aka 'Kayak Mike' willing to take me under his pectoral fin and show me the way.
Many kayak fishermen know Mike, he founded the Jax Kayak Fishing Forum, and has been the director of the Jax Kayak Fishing Classic, 'The World's Largest Kayak Fishing Tournament,' for 12 years. 
Just about everything that he taught me is right here in this thoughtfully written article:
The Yak love doesn't stop with 'Kayak Mike', though.  I really believe that so many people like Mike are the reason that kayak anglers dwell in such a wonderful community.  So many yak fishermen out there take time to think of others and help them to become better fishermen.  
A few other friends that have helped me along the way are: 
Eric Henson (Johnson Outdoors ProStaff) who recently spent an entire Sunday, helping me install a rudder system on my kayak and taught me more about being on a ProStaff. 
Captain Stephen Farrell and Captain C.A. Richardson both took time out of their day at the ICAST 2015 to teach me about snook fishing with artificial lures.
And of course my favorite fishing buddy, my dad, who captured the epic hero shot of me with my first tarpon. 
I'm sure that many of you can list a handful of people that have been influential to you.  
I want to be like Mike! Not only because he catches big fish, but because he has a big heart.
Jake Bates
Johnson Outdoors ProStaff

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