2015 Kayak Fishing Classic Tourny - Mosquito Lagoon

I must say this was one very windy weekend of kayaking in the Mosquito Lagoon! We (my boyfriend and I) decided to make it a nice 3-day couples getaway vacation and relax…YA RIGHT…HAHAHA. More like we ended up fishing and paddling hard into the wind for three days and then relaxing & recuperating a few hours in the evening in the hammock with a nice beverage and a BBQ.


I got out on the water the day before the tournament to see the area and enjoy exploring the super shallow water. I found some healthy sea grass, potholes, and a few drop-offs and I sight casted myself a beautiful golden Redfish.  I thought perfect; I’ll just come back here for the tourny.


Tournament morning arrives and I’m paddling like a mad woman into the wind to get out there. In the corner of my eye in the distance I see it…….another kayaker headed in my general direction! I thought, Oh hell no…I need to paddle faster. As we get closer I’m thinking wait….this silhouette is looking familiar. I called out…”Dee is that you?”, while I’m laughing out loud I hear “Jeeeaaann?”…we busted out laughing. Amazing that out of all that water the two of us competitors ended up paddling to fish that spot. Dee Kaminski and I are both hard core fisherman, so as much as we wanted to “chit chat” for a few minutes….It was game on. We split off and both got to work doing our thing and then we met up at the check-in to actually talk.

HERE IS TONY AND I WAITING FOR THE RESULTS (Thanks Dee Kaminski for capturing a moment!)

I didn’t find the size fish I needed to qualify higher in the standing but all said and done I placed 8th and I worked hard for that!

Kayaks Used

Trident Series

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