2015 Redd Counts

Starting every November and continuing until the ice comes in too thick to canoe through, we canoe down every stretch of spawning gravel in the East Machias River.  It is in these spawning shoals that Atlantic salmon will dig their redds (nests) and bury the next generation of Atlantic salmon.

This time of year is fickle in Downeast Maine.  Sometimes it is sunny and 50 degrees (dang near tropical) and other days it is below freezing and we are chipping through ice in the deadwater sections of the river.  This year was a tad warmer than most, but not without its few frozen mornings.

If you have to go to work, it might as well be canoeing down beautiful stretches of river in an Old Town Canoe.  So, you aren't going to hear me complain too much.  Also, I should note that when I mention canoeing down the river, the majority of that is standing up in the canoe using a pole to work our way downriver.  This higher vantage point allows us a better vantage point as well as more control over our boat.  Thanks again to Old Town Canoes for helping us accomplish our jobs better!

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Kayaks Used

Discovery Series

We first started making the Discovery Series in 1984 and over 25 years later they're still renowned for their versatility and durability. Agile, stable and easy to handle, let the Discovery help you explore new territory.
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