24 Hour Fishing Tournament

The 24 hours in SWFL tournament was a blast! Some really great anglers from all around the state showed up, the winner ended up taking home a Hobie Mirage 13. The tournament was exactly like it sounds it started Friday at 7pm and went until 3pm Saturday-fishing all night long. I however did not indulge in the all night activities (I was really tired from work). I started my tournament on Saturday around 6am, weather forecast was due for some serious rain storms and they did not disappoint. High winds and a lot of rain put a damper on tournament day- I did manage 2 decent snook early in the morning nothing out of this world, but a lot of fun to catch. This was an aggregate style tournament so it was more about catching all the fish on the board-two of each type of inshore species (reds, snook, and trout). I only managed the two snook and had a few reds on but spit the hooks. The weather took a turn for the worse-lightening and a good amount of it. I paddled as fast as I could and took shelter underneath a nearby bridge and hoped for the best. Obviously I made it, but after about two hours of lightening and more wind-the bite was off. So I cut ties and went to the weigh in I totaled only 40” on snook. It was a fun experience and a great event put on by the SWFKAA and I can’t wait until the event next year.

Kayaks Used

Predator Series

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