A Change of Plans

We never planned to be in the Buffalo area for over a week but due to the weather, here we still are. As soon as we came out of Buffalo harbor the wind hit us dead in the face. We have went back to the same old waiting game as we did in the beginning of the trip. Those prevailing westerly winds that made us take at least three weeks off, is right back to it.
The temperature has been slowly but surely getting lower each and every day, the leaves are starting to fall off, and the water temperature also on the decline. The route we chose from the get go has been against the wind and current the entire time. We knew from the beginning that it would be difficult, but to be honest we did not do enough research on the prevailing winds of these waters. An obvious thing that wind will dictate some days but we did not for see this.
Since we did not consider all of these set backs, we thought we would be in the northern part of Lake Huron or even on Lake Superior by now, classic mistake of two amateur kayakers. The winter was always going to play a part in the trip but the plan was to be heading south off of Superior by the first of November. With October coming to an end and making no headway on Lake Erie we have to make a decision. Do we go with the revision we made a while back to go around to Chicago or do we need to get off the lakes in general while we can?
After weighing our options and looking at the extended forecast for the Great Lakes, we realize if we do not get south or prepare to get south, we may get stuck in a situation that could get down right dangerous. If you have never seen these lakes, they act like an ocean rather than a lake. Once that wind starts the waves are not too far behind. Not that I am a expert on these waters, considering I’ve only done a measly thirty miles on them, but I can see what it will be like a month from now, heck even a week from now is going to be difficult to make any headway.
These lakes were a major part of our trip. We both talked and dreamed about the northern wilderness that they offer. Lake Superior has been a topic of conversation from the time we started to plan this trip. Pictured Rocks National Park was one place that we both could not wait to see. The pictures and stories we have read about that area really sparked an interest. We will not see that area on this trip but maybe when we realize that heading north in late fall is not the best idea, we will lay our eyes on the cliffs of Superior.
We hate that we are going to miss the lakes but we have to go with our guts. We are going to kayak west to Erie P.A. then south from there to the Ohio River. Our new route will still give a good taste of winter but not the magnitude that the Great Lakes would give. We are being patient and waiting to get these 100 miles in to Erie. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the end of the week, we just have to wait and keep our selves busy until we get our shot. 

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Kayaks Used

Looksha Series

The Looksha series is a family of outstanding sea touring kayaks with excellent tracking, performance, glide, and overall handling characteristics. The longer models are popular with multi-day sea kayakers, pro expedition kayakers, outdoor programs, and tour companies, while the shorter models (12-14) provide touring kayak characteristics with increased stability. The latter are popular for day tours and shorter overnights. Each Looksha is shaped and meticulously constructed with all-day comfort and enough room for all the gear a trip calls for. These models are long-time favorites in the San Juan Islands, Inside Passage, Coastal Maine and Nova Scotia where the ability to carry lots of gear, handle rough water and cover tons of miles effectively are highly valued. Read More