A Crappie Day

Over the winter I designed a lure that was manufactured and being sold by Daddy Mac Lure company. I received the first order of them last week. That and the down time between turkey hunters had me champing at the bit to get on the water and try the new lure.

After getting settled in and dusting off the cobwebs I was able to get down to the business of catching fish. The first few casts produced a couple fo largemouth bass which impressed me, but not being much of a largemouth guy, I got bored quickly so I moved on to an area I was pretty sure would hold crappie.

The north end of this particular pond is the weediest area. Knowing that the crappie should be staging for the spawn I headed for structure. Upon paddliong into a small cove area I noticed some lilly pads that were noticably larger then most. I rigged one of my new Whisperer lures with a 2/0 offset texposer hook and cast it into the lilly pads. The beauty of this lure is that when rigged weightless, it sinks almost perfectly horizontaly. My lure hit the water and sank a few inches before I gave it a quick twitch and that was all it took. Crappie in the 12" range were anhialating it.

The next two hours were spent consistently catching crappies that ranged from 11" - 13". I stuck to fishing anystructure in 6' - 8' of water that I could find. Weeds, lilly pads, and timber all produced fish, but only in a very specific depth.

You can message me through my profile for more info about my new signature series Whisperer lure.

By: Tim Moore

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