A Day Out with My Daughter

This afternoon my daughter, Lila, and I hit the waters of the Susquehanna River near Bloomsburg, PA.  It was a beautiful day to be on the water.  I was surprised to only see a couple other boats on the water while we were out.  Lila has been wanting to get on the kayak more and more over the past month or so.
As for the fishing, the bite was consistent.  With the lack of rain over the past couple weeks (last night didn’t do anything to elevate the level where we were), we knew to look in the deeper holes and around structure for the fish.  It was more like fishing a low water summer pattern, than a fall pattern.  We were throwing small spinnerbaits, so that Lila could minimize bottom snags, and could catch a variety of species and better numbers.
Lila ended the day with some really nice bluegills and a small smallmouth bass.  Her first bluegill of the day was her first ever fish on a spinnerbait.  I personally picked up about ten smallies.  It was a productive day, especially considering we were only on the water a couple hours.
Remember, to keep a child’s attention while fishing, ensure fish are being caught.  Downsize your tackle, and you also might not want to fish at the same time.  Keep outings with children short and to the point, to keep them interested.  If the youngster is not catching, his or her attention span will be very short, and before you know it, you will be hearing, “Can we go soon?”  Keep the kid on fish, and you will have a fishing partner for a lifetime!
Make the kid’s outing a learning experience…  Lila was able to not only see different species of fish, but she also saw a bald eagle, herons, a beaver swimming in front of us, a snakeskin, and a baby turtle. 

By: John Oast

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