A first all around

  December 2015 I received my new custom color Prowler BigGame2. I told all my fishing buddies I wasn't going to use it till the first weekend of 2016 and planned to catch my first ever smallmouth bass in it. So me and a couple of my fellow kayakers planned to take a trip up to Tennessee to go smallie fishing. 
  We drove up January 1st to Smithville Tennessee and found a small motel to spend the night so we would be fresh the next morning. This also happened to be the first weekend the temps begin to drop. Waking up the next morning to temps in the low 20s, the kayaks were covered in a heavy frost. We head out and meet up with a guy we knew who lives there, he says he has the perfect spot. So we follow him and a few others down this dirt road which opens up to a boat ramp in the middle of no where. We all get unloaded, get in the water and he says, "we have about a twenty minute paddle from here".. Ok I said, it will warm us up. We paddle and get to this spot where tree tops are emerging from this flooded valley.   The others fall behind a ways, and me and Matt paddle on to this cedar tree laying in the water. He tosses his bait towards the tree and says "wow, that was a beefy hit", I toss my hair jig towards the tree and POW! Fish on!! After a fierce fight, I've caught my first smallmouth bass ever! Not only that but it's a twenty inch, four pound fish! Matt says "man! How are you going to be that?! You caught a awesome fish your first time out!" So I fish on for awhile, end up coming back to the tree and POW! AGAIN!! Fish on! 19.75 inch fish, 4.75 pounds.. I'm in disbelief.. And extremely excited... First Smallmouth ever, First in my new Ocean Kayak Prowler BigGame2, and First fish of 2016. 
  I have to say these two fish are two I'll never forget, Very exciting trip for me. Like always, it's great to be on the water, new adventures are always great!!

Kayaks Used

Prowler Big Game II

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