Adventure at Sakonnet Point

I woke up this morning and packed my gear in my trucked and drove to go get my kayak at my friend’s house on my way for a great adventure today. When I arrived at my destination and on loaded all my gear and got my yak ready to paddle to my first dive spot it was about 2 miles out. It was a beautiful day and the water was pretty calm that day. When I arrived at my first dive spot I notice the visibility was not going to be that great today. Put my gear on and grabbed my small spear gun, It’s a  great gun for dirty water. Did a couple of dive and saw some nice 15 to 20 lbs bass swimming around. But I was actually trying to find something bigger then these bass. After I dove there for about an 1 hour and not really seeing anything big to shoot at. I jumped on my yak and heading to a different spot. I got there and thru my anchor in the water and jumped in. I dove this spot for about half hours and saw small bass only. I started to think maybe I should have shot those bass I saw earlier at my first spot, oh well.
I jumped on my yak, pulled my anchor in and paddled to one more reefs I know that might have some nice decent bass there. When I arrived at my destination I thru my anchor over board and decided to take a break and have some Gatorade and a power bar. I was sitting there just admiring the beautiful day and thinking maybe I could get my bass here and then head home. It was about 12 noon. After I finish my snack I grabbed my spear gun and jumped into the water. I took a few deep breaths and headed down into the depth. I was diving in 30 feet of water. My first dive there I saw a real nice bass about 30 lbs. I took the shot but I missed, and headed back to the surface. I was a little disappointed that I miss a nice fish like that. I started swimming around and getting ready for my next dive. I took a few breaths again and headed down. I was laying there for about 1:30 minutes when I looked toward my right shoulder and I saw a nice bass swimming by me and I took the shot, I realized it was not a great shot and he took off fast. I swam up to the surface and started to fight him so I could bring him up to the surface. This fish was swimming all over the place and going wild on me. He got all tangled up with my anchor line and my reel line. After I got a hold of him by the geels and landed him and  and put him on my stringer.
I started to un-tangle all this line in the water, it took me about 20 to 30 minutes to un-tangle everything. During this time I was patient and new I landed a real nice bass and I was happy.  I hopped on my kayak and head back to sure. When I got there and start to get my gear in to my truck, I notice 3 kids walking around on the beach. I called them over and asked them if they could please take a picture of me with my 36 lbs Stripe Bass. They said sure and they were very impressed how big he was. Here is a picture of him and had a great adventure on the water today. Till next time…..

Kayaks Used

Prowler Series

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