Adventure at Seal Rock


This morning I woke up and decided to head out and do some spear fishing, so I packed my gear onto my truck and drove to Rhode Island. When I arrived at my destination ” King Beach” and saw how flat the water was, I got very excited knowing that I’m going to have a good day kayaking and spear fishing. I prepared my kayak for today’s adventure and headed out from the cove.

Once I paddled out of the cove I notice that the water was green and murky and figured that the visibility may not be the best of conditions so I kept paddling to my first destination. When I arrived, I anchored and put my fins, mask, and weight belt on then grabbed my gun and jumped into the water. I took a few breaths and descended to the bottom which I could not see at all. When I hit the ocean floor I could not see one foot in front of me. I turned around and head back to the surface. I decided to go to go another spot. I headed to Land’s End Reef.

While I was paddling there I stopped and started thinking; maybe the reef will be dirty also. So I took a few minutes to re-evaluate my initial route and make some changes due to the conditions of the water. I decided to head to Seal Rock where hopefully the waters would be cleaner. I had to take into consideration that it was going to be a long paddle to get there, about 3 miles, and if I get there and the water is dirty, it would be a waste of time and energy. I decided to head to seal rock. As I was getting closer to Seal Rock the water started to get clearer. I was excited that I had made the right decision to go to this spot to dive.

When I arrived at Seal Rock, I anchored, put on my gear and jumped into the water. As soon I was in the water I notice that the visibility was about 15 to 20 feet. I began my hunt for fish. I shot my first Tog and within a few minutes I shot another. What I really wanted to land was two Striped Bass. After diving for about an hour up and down I was not seeing any bass at all. It was getting a little disappointed that I hadn’t seen any bass yet. I remained positive hoping that if I continue diving in different spots around this reef I will land a bass. I took a few breaths and descended down to the bottom and lay still looking around for bass. I turned my head to the right and I saw a school of decent size bass, however, they were moving fast like they were heading home. I quickly took aim and shot a nice 25 to 30 pounder. I came up to the surface and fought him for a few minutes till I landed him. At that time I quickly tide him on my stringer around my waist so I could dive down and see if I could shoot another one. When I hit the bottom and stayed there for about 1 ½ minutes, they had gone. I came up to the surface and kept diving around Seal Rock. After for about 2 hours of diving I landed another Tog, Scup and Black Sea Bass. I wanted to get another bass so I would have my two bass limit, so I kept diving and diving till I hit another school of bass and shot my second one, he was about 15 pounds. I was happy!

I swam back to my kayak, put all my fish on my stringer and paddled back to land. I packed up all my gear and headed home. I was very happy I decided to go spear fishing today and even happier that I landed a nice stringer of fish. Here is a photo of my stringer. Till next time.

Kayaks Used

Prowler Series

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