Always a Helping Hand

There are many things that kept me going and pick up my spirits on this trip, anything from a hot meal to a shower for the first time in weeks. The biggest thing had to be the amazing people along the way, most of wich we still keep in contact with. Yesterday we floated into the little town of Franklin P.A. to meet a river guide that offered us helpful insights on the Allegheny river when wee first started looking at our new route.
Upon our arrival we were greeted with fried chicken and cheap beer, something we both miss. ” Sounds like a great trip boys, now what do you need from me?” You know when someone asks you that cant hold back and be bashful about what you need or want. From there it goes the way any “river magic” goes, shower, laundry, and a food resupply. Each town is different but the simple fact remains that we always seem to meet the people that are more than enthused to lend a helping hand.
Remembering all of the people that have helped us from the very get go can be almost overwhelming to think of ways to repay. Every little instance has helped us get where we are. From the ride that got us to our starting destination to the people that are more than eager to fill our water bottles up, yes that means you Bernie from Nicolet Quebec! I appreciate each and every single instance and hope each one of you get the same kindness in return.
Not that any of these gracious people expect anything in return but after everything that has been handed to me, I have to find a way to pass the kindness along in one fashion or another. I might not be in the position to do a whole lot in the moment but there will come a time when it will be my turn to help that hopeful traveler looking for a little comfort. Until the tables have turned we will continue to push south and take it day by day. The skies have cleared and a little warmth is going to be the icing on the cake.

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Peace, love, and chicken grease!
Captain Patch

Kayaks Used

Looksha Series

The Looksha series is a family of outstanding sea touring kayaks with excellent tracking, performance, glide, and overall handling characteristics. The longer models are popular with multi-day sea kayakers, pro expedition kayakers, outdoor programs, and tour companies, while the shorter models (12-14) provide touring kayak characteristics with increased stability. The latter are popular for day tours and shorter overnights. Each Looksha is shaped and meticulously constructed with all-day comfort and enough room for all the gear a trip calls for. These models are long-time favorites in the San Juan Islands, Inside Passage, Coastal Maine and Nova Scotia where the ability to carry lots of gear, handle rough water and cover tons of miles effectively are highly valued. Read More