An Assault on the backwater

The Backwater Assault Paddle….What else can I say about this amazing paddle? Many times, as kayakers and especially kayak anglers, we get into the situation where we’ve hooked the fish close to some kind of obstacle.  Since it’s so common for fish to be hidden in those tricky places, this paddle has saved my tail many times. You know how it goes, the fish is pulling you every which way and you’re at the mercy of that little, or big, guy.  In comes the Assault Backwater Paddle, this is your arsenal- you have to maneuver and paddle with one hand and still fight the fish and get it into the yak. It’s extremely well built and its rigid design allows you to push off and paddle with ease, but it’s also not cumbersome or in the way- a perfect little contraption.  So, if you like to fish in heavy cover, near banks, bridges, mangroves, or anything of that nature this paddle is a must have in your arsenal.

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Predator Series

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