Andrew's first TX Slam

My day started with a simple question..."can we go fishing today?" said my son Andrew....He knows that is a question that gets him a "YES" regularly. It's not easy telling a 5 year old "no" to THAT question. But this day posed a can I really explain to my child that it is Wednesday and I have work? It's 7 am and he is ready to go......"sorry son, maybe this afternoon". Well, he took that to the bank. 4 pm rolled around and WE WERE GOING!!!! Met up with a few friends and launched at a local spot close to home as my son's attention is limited when the fishing is slow.....but luckily this was not one of those days. He sat in the front of our Tandem Malibu 13 and we found a school of redfish within moments of launching. We followed those fish sight casting for about 1/2 a mile before they fell into deeper water...managing 2 for the stringer and a few lost fish. After that we spent about an hour just playing in the mud. Yes, I too am guilty of the short attention span. The tide switched just before the paddle in and the redfish bite turned into trout and flounder. Andrew ended the day with his first Texas Slam - one each redfish, trout, flounder. The bite this summer has been pretty consistent where I have been fishing.....your best luck has been in the first hour of the incoming tide. It's crazy just how low our low tides have been getting in the month of July. It has made for some great sight fishing this year. All our fish were caught on Bass Assassin paddle tails and Gulp Shrimp.

Kayaks Used

Malibu Series

These highly versatile sit-on-top doubles with patented overlapping foot wells allow for one, two or even two and a child (or dog) paddling day trips. These boats have the same rough sea abilities as the singles and offer great fun and stability to families, outfitters, and resorts. Read More