The beauty of No Development

Just a quick note about one amazing experience earlier this week. My lab this week went out for a field trip to the south east of Great Abaco Island, The Bahamas. This area is a proposed protected marine park and it definitely deserves the title. These areas still allow angling or recreational use but prohibit land development.

The views were absolutely gorgeous and it was a must to share it with you.
We went to Hole in the Wall, an old lighthouse that sits on top of limestone "cliffs" where the heavy waves crash down below. You will need a good pair of shoes to walk along the karst, sharp edge limestone, but it is worth the challenge! To get there, you have to drive an hour south from the main town, Marsh Harbour, pull off the road onto an old-dirt logging road, and drive for another 45 minutes through Abaco pine land.

Breathtaking. Enjoy!  

Kayaks Used