Big Bonito

Danny called me and said "I'm getting the last 3 gogs! I told you to call in advance to get your name on the list!" Because Danny jokes with me so much I thought he was joking until he said it again. Danny told me to call Leandro because he's at another bait shop that had gogs. I called Leandro and he gave me the location. They were selling gogs for $7.00 each. After I got there Brandon called me and I told him where to meet me. 

Now that I had my 3 gogs it was time to hit the beach. When we got there the sky was gray and it didn't look like a smart idea to go out. I was thinking about thunder and lightning, but I have a few screws loose so we pushed on. I met two other guys that Danny had brought with him. Although the wind was screaming like a baby wanting milk, there was no surf at all. That got me really excited and I just knew today would be the day I'd get a big king, my first wahoo, or my first sail.

Brandon and I were the first two on the water and I noticed immediately that we were being pushed out fast. That didn't really concern me at first until I thought about coming back in. We were on the water right before the sun tried to come up and all I could think was, 'It's nice to be on the water.' Brandon and I waited for everyone else to get in the water so we could go out. We looked back and saw Danny flying our way, without him paddling at all and we yell, "It's not that windy to move him that fast." Well we learned that he had modified his kayak with a trolling motor. At least we knew if one of us couldn't make it back in we could call on Danny to pull us.
Around 7:49am, in 150ft of water, Brandon's line screamed, and I do mean SREAMED! We were all like, 'Sail!'; 'No it's a king!'; 'No it's a wahoo.' None of us thought it would be a bonito! After he reeled in his bonito, I got hit hard on my Victory Lures 5oz, in 200ft of water. I was like, 'YES I'm on!' This fish was fishing hard and my mind was racing on what it could be. As I saw color I thought it was a big tuna, but you already know what it was, Another DAMN Bonito. They're a good fight, but I wanted something better than that. Although it was the biggest bonito I've caught so far, I was still disappointed. The day turned out to be a beautiful, sunny, fish-catching day. Danny hooked a 20lbs bluefin tuna; Leandro lost a nice king; I caught 2 bonitos, trigger fish and got cut off twice; and Brandon hooked up with a shark and lost a few. One of the other guys caught a nice bonito as well. In all it was a good day to be on the water. 

Kayaks Used

Trident Series

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