Charter with New Clients Gilbert and Son Ross

Was contacted back in October for a double charter in February for Father Gilbert and his Son Ross for his 16th birthday. They booked me for two days as the winter weather always throws curve balls and he really wanted his son to get on some fish so they played the odds of two days.

We launched out into the Indian River around noon as we planned on fishing the afternoon twilight hour bite(last two hours before sun is fully set). The reason for this is water temps and the cold weather nights we'we been having. When the water temps drop below 60degrees the fish like to leave the flats and find deeper water that holds its temperature longer or warm sand holes. Now these fish in the winter like to wait for the sun to come out and warm the shallow waters up and then the fish begin getting active, usually the sign of jumping mullet lets you know the water temp is hot enough, than its just a matter of waiting for them to move back up on the flat to hopefully eat.

So we immediately headed south towards where we've been catching fish initially with the wind at our back pushing us south fast, but like the Space Coast weather likes to act up a bit so it layed up for a about a half hour which gave us a short period of calm water but then the wind changed from the south, changing our plans on how far we were gonna paddle and not quite getting us to our fishing grounds. The wind here on the Space Coast literally changes on a dime so you always have to be ready for it and have a contingency plan ready in case something does change drastically you can still keep your clients happy.

So with the change in wind I made a change in our course and headed for a different spot. We'll that spot paid off pretty well. We managed 4 reds in about 2 hours between Gilbert and Ross, with Gilbert getting the biggest redfish. We tried fishing with lures, pro cure, the kitchen sink, but they wouldn't't bite. So I broke out the frozen mullet and within 5 minutes Ross had his First Slot Redfish Ever and the first fish for the New Predator


We moved around a bit searching for fish switching up lures between Jerk baits and Savage Shrimp with pro cure but still no bites on the artificial.

So we decided to still to mullet and some big dead shrimp I got from Capt Hooks Bait N Tackle in Titusville, Fl.

A short period later Ross was hooked up again to another mid Slot Red.

Then Ross's Father Caught this Nice barely over slot red on a Big fat Shrimp!!

And then Ross Finished the day off with one last Red

I couldn't have asked for nicer Clients both Ross and Gilbert were great people, they absolutely loved the Predators and initially were going to get some Hobies but I was able to sway there decision with the Predator. They Loved them, and catching fish didn't hurt helping that decision. 

They plan on coming back and I look forward to fishing with them again!!!

Kayaks Used

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