Client Blessed by god

I got a call from a new client Jeff who was visiting from Seattle, Washington who wanted to do some Fly Fishing from a kayak something he had never done before. I warned him of all the possible things that would interrupt a good fly fishing trip and unfortunately they all came true that day. But the sun would shine upon us anyway. Jeff decided to get reacquainted with a spin casting reel and off we went looking for tailing redfish, trout, whatever would come our way, considering the water clarity is minimal at best and you cant see squat. But knowing where the fish are no matter what the weather or season is what being a seasoned kayak fishing guide is all about.
The weather was ugly all around us but somehow managed dodge us, raining everywhere within a half mile but on top of us. I knew my client would catch some fish based on this sign above alone.

It Didn't't take long and Jeff was hooked up to his first ever Redfish.

After Jeffs lil Sleigh ride he ended up landing this nice barely over FL Slot Redfish aboard the Old Town Predator!

After catching this red to break the ice we went after some bull reds with two successful hookups but unfortunately both broke off but Jeff got to feel what a 40"+ plus redfish feels like and said he would be back for more and possibly on Fly next time!!!

Kayaks Used

Predator Series

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