Black Bass Trifecta at Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa in Northern California is a great place to fish for many specie of fish. The lake holds trout, kokanee, Largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish and land locked king salmon. There are so many possibilities here all during the course of the year. Right now the bass are moving into the shallows to start the pre-spwan activities. This is a fun time of the year for me at Berryessa because the days are still kind of cool and the water temps are in the high 50's to the low 60's.The water skiers and jet skis haven't hit the lake yet. We have had a pretty mild winter out here. Not much rain either. The lakes are low and the snow pack in the northern sierras are not holding the average amount of snow to fill the lakes and rivers during the spring melt. Anyway Sunday March 8th I headed over to Lake Berryessa which is about an hours drive from my house. The lake is about 18ft. below what would be a full lake. All the structure we usually can fish this time of year is exposed or just under the surface. Making things interesting. I fished points and secondary points in 20 - 24 feet of water. Working right on the bottom. Then moving in shallower to see. After a full 8 hours on the water I was happy with the days results. Only 6 bass to the kayak but I scored the Bass trifecta. Two largemouth, two spotted bass and two smallmouth bass. Another fun day in the books fishing solo.

Kayaks Used

Trident Series

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