Southern Fried Bass Fishin'

 The weather has been brutal all over the country and the South has been no exception. We've had a lot of rain and days on end of high winds. Well we finally caught a break from the rain and the wind is back down to normal. The main bodies of water are mostly cleared up and the fish seem to be feeding again. Now don't get me wrong I've been out fishing and caught a few fish but nothing special. The last two weekends I've been able to get on fish and had multiple bites on big baits. 
 My first weapon of choice was the Huddleston Trout but I got sick of pulling weeds off of it so I switched to a Huddleston Weedless 68. After about 30 minutes of chunkin' and windin' I stuck this girl.

 From there I switched baits and stuck a couple more. The best of the day was 22" and a tick over 6lbs..

The following Sunday I slid back to my spot  to struggle for the first few hours until it warmed up. Once it warmed up the birds started diving on baitfish and I was right there with them. This time the fish were keying on smaller baits and I caught all three fish on a BBZ Shad.

 I know it doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment to catch six fish over two days but when you consider I was throwing baits in the 4''-8" range I think that's saying something. There have been periods when I will get skunked for multiple trips so to be able to get on a bite two weekends in a row I'm pretty excited about that. Trophy hunting isn't for everyone and it takes a certain mindset to get past the many fruitless trips but when they payoff the hey payoff well.
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Kayaks Used

Prowler Series

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