Economical Outdoorsman

“You can only be an outdoorsman if you have this big truck.”  That’s what a lot of media and other so called “outdoorsman” would make you believe. “Rubbish!” I say. How many times you are driving down the road and see the most obnoxious pick-up truck with 40 inch super swampers on it with a giant banner that says: Real Tree, Mossy Oak, True Hunter, Real Man, etc…- blah!  I think it should say “hey look at me I have to tell everyone how much of a man I am, so I feel better about myself.”  I guarantee you there are men and women out there like me that have an “economy” car that can hunt and fish with the best of them. I know it’s true for me; I drive a 2008 Scion XB. Yep, you heard right- that’s what I drive and I go hunting and fishing all over the state just fine. I don’t burn through a bunch of gas or have the trendy logos on my car, but I still feel like just as much of a man (I changed this line, to say the same thing…). Now a days, I fancy myself much more of a fisherman than a hunter for the only reason that water is much more accessible than land in Florida, and I try to do it in the most economical way I can-and its starts with me driving a car just big enough for all my gear.  I think it’s funny that today we live in a place where people would make you think that you can only be an outdoorsman if you drive a pickup truck, I blame the media.  Which of course they would promote this mentality, it’s their job to sell and “get inside our heads” with what is acceptable and cool in society. So, while it may not be portrayed as “cool” to go hunting in a Scion, I believe the fact remains the same- I would take on anyone in there Chevy truck vs. my Scion and see who bags the most game anyway.
Now, I want to give some tips that I have applied that have helped me save money and still be able to get out and hunt and fish all season. Since I don’t have access to private land for hunting, I have to use public land- this can be a very challenging and yet rewarding ordeal. If you have a sedan and can’t go off roading like those other guys, it’s ok. Drive to where you can and then walk it.  Chances are, like I’ve experienced, being on foot opposed to plowing through the woods in a truck you are obviously more stealthy and have a better chance of sneaking up on whatever your pursuing-besides you are getting exercise and saving gas money. Same goes for if you, if are on the water fishing, I am an avid kayak fisherman and prefer it over owning a boat; no maintenance, no gas, no repairs, no registrations, title etc. This can be a great way to get on the water fairly economically, except for the purchasing of said kayak.
Now, allow me to rant for a moment, if you will.  Many days, like I say walking through the woods, guys go by me in the distance in their buggies or trucks while I’m on foot.  Same goes for when I’m on my kayak, boats go whizzing by me while I sit quietly catching fish- not burning through 200 dollars’ worth of gas. It’s also humorous, in the sense that when I’m on my kayak fishing, I see boats blowing by me while I’m catching fish that they because they are too worried about going fast to the next spot.  Same goes for those guys in the trucks and buggies-and it all comes full circle cause many times I will be sitting catching my favorite redfish-which if you didn’t know are very spooky and elusive fish. I’ll be minding my own business and then who comes driving up? The guy in the boat coming up next to me asking me “doing any good?” which I would like to respond “yes, until you came driving up”, which I am confident he is well aware of. 
Ok, rant over.  I hope I’ve offered you some insight on how to keep it simple.  You don’t have to go out and buy the newest and best toys…even though we all would like to!  These are just silly examples of ways I get to the outdoors without spending a ton of money- either on gas or whatever. So I encourage you to stand proud of your sedan or compact car and get out- go hunting and fishing, because like me, you are true outdoorsmen and women.  We can do more with less and we don’t need to validate it by having a big truck or SUV to do it.

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