Every Dog has his Day

With a small gust in the air leftover from Hurricane Arthur lingering in the air, I decided to put into the calmest area I could find: The Taunton River.  This river has been known to hold Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill and even some mammoth, lumbering Carp.The river itself was still in the flooded phase from the storm, which blew by less than 24 hours ago.

Since my Big Game II has a very spacious tank well in the back I decided to take one of my best four legged friends - Kenny. At first he whimpered a little as I shoved off the ramp (it's been awhile since his last outing) but after a few minutes began relaxing and taking in the sights with me.

I decided to paddle upriver and fish back. I paddled by countless logs, rocks and small pilings. But I knew I would be back to fish the structure. In the meantime I had to focus on the river itself. After storms the water level rises and the characteristics of the river such as currents will change dramatically. This in turn will move fish into different areas. At the same time the water clarity will drop exponentially. I knew I had to switch up from using my 'natural' baits such as swim baits and jerkbaits to lures that will be more apt to grab a fish's attention.

So I decided to tie on a "Hardware Store" - a buzzbait. The relationship I have with this lure has always been rocky. I never really like using it - however time and again it has brought fish to my kayak. Yet, I always have a certain amount of contempt for this bait. Something about the giant propeller on the top sputtering away at the surface makes me shake my head, "What on Earth convinces a fish to strike at a bait like this?"

After a couple miles paddling upstream past the owls, hawks and herons it was time for action. The Big Game II comes standard with a strap that helps me get up and stand and fish. A huge advantage because it allows me to cast more accurately at targets. In addition it has a rod-pod, which allows me to store my rods inside the hull of the kayak so I don't have to worry about catching trees while on the river. The kayak itself is very stable. Having myself and the pup running around on the kayak never threatens it to tip over.

Time and again I casted under tree limbs, around logs and inside small pockets of vegetation looking for a fish. Sometimes too close. Fantastic I caught a tree. Nothing...wait...nope... suddenly the buzzbait disappeared in a quick splashing instant and my rod jerked downwards. "There we go!"

Instantly I begin having the conversation in my head:

"This is a light action rod with a 3/8th ounce buzzbait on 6lb mono...I might be over my head! It's diving for the bottom - come on - come on Greg, turn it-turn it. Good. Ah, he's in the current now. Quit dancing with it or else it's gonna wrap itself up! I'm already pushing the line to the limits here. It's not jumping - what on Earth is this thing? Put a little more pressu..."


The line and the rod go limp...my heart sinks. It's always the one's that get away that stay with you. It's what drives you to get back out there and take them on again and again. I guess that's how fish get big - they learn how to fight better. It was a wonderful morning with the pup - as the old saying says:
                                                          - Every Dog has his Day.

Kayaks Used

Prowler Big Game II

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