Father/Son Fishing Day

I love taking my son fishing. He has caught a pretty good variety of fish, but never a Redfish which is shocking to me. But every time we go out we just haven't been able to get one. Call it bad luck, or whatever you may. But over christmas vacation I vowed to change that. He had a couple weeks off school and I knew I had a nice chunk of time to get him on a good redfish. 
We went to Haulover Canal which is a two mile canal that extends from the Indian River at it's west mouth to the Mosquito Lagoon at the east mouth. Haulover is famous for it's BIG fish. The fish are somewhat easy to catch as this is a bait soaking affair. I rarely use natural bait but my son being 12 years old is not quite into the hardcore plastic 100 casts an hour type of fishing that I do. After all, you want to keep them interested! We baited up with mullet heads, set two rods out and waited. Wasn't long before one of the rods was doubled over and screaming.
I made sure the hook was set and handed it off to my boy. I think the power of this fish took him by surprise as it was dumping line off the spool at a blistering pace! It was starting to get to the other side of the canal where there is a coquina rock ledge so I had him hand it back to me to get the fish coming our way, and then I promptly gave the rod back. After a good 10 minute fight, this beast is in the net.

We were both beyond stoked! It was 46" and approximately 28lbs. NOW THAT is a heck of a first Redfish! We got a couple quick photos, revived the fish, and we both let it go together and watched it slowly make it's way back to the deep where it came from. We hung around for another hour or so but couldn't manage another hit. Not that we cared, as far as we were concerned it was mission accomplished! A great father/son fishing day! 


Kayaks Used

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