First False Albacore on kayak.

    False albacore is a very sought after fish around New England.  They typically come into our waters around the beginning of September and stay through October.  I have caught them from boats but never a kayak.  My goal for the season was to land one from my kayak.  This is not very easy because they move very quickly while smashing through schools of bait.
     I set out very early in the morning and after launching through a pretty high surf I set out to the typical False Albacore spots.  At first they were not showing and all I could hook was Bluefish.  It was one bluefish after another and I was beginning to lose hope.  But then they finally showed up.  The water was exploding as the Albies began tearing through schools of bay anchovies.  It is very tough to keep up with them in a kayak so my plan was to get into a spot where they were showing up most frequently and just wait.  After some unsuccessful attempts I heard some splashing behind me.  I casted my lure and began a fast retrieve.  Once I hooked up I knew right away I had a False Albacore as line began flying off my reel.  At one point during the battle the anti reverse on my reel malfunctioned but I kept my composure.  After a lengthy battle I had the fish in my kayak.  After a few photos the fish was released and swam away.
     To this day this is one of my most memorable catches in my kayak.  Albie season is just around the corner and I plan to catch even more this year.
     Below is a link to the video.  My camera housing was foggy but you can still see ok.

YouTube video of the catch




Kayaks Used

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