First Night in my Predator 13

I took my Predator 13 out for the first time last night on Little Sebago. The wind was blowing and lake wasn't calm by any means. I spent half of the evening standing up in my Predator and absolutely loved it. I have never felt so comfortable in a boat before- even with the waves crashing against me. I was getting a bit nervous, I had tried several different baits and techniques and caught a few small bass but not the size I was hoping for. It was getting pretty dark so I started to head back to camp. On my way I decided to paddle near a couple of docks that jetted out into the lake thinking there might be a few bass around them. I hooked a monster first cast- it was my first big fish in my new Predator 13. I set the hook and reeled him to my boat, I knew he was a nice one. It was a large mouth and weighed in just over five pounds. A great way to end a fun night of fishing and my first trip in the Predator 13. I'll be headed north this weekend in search of some giant small mouth.

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