First Time for Everything!!

I got the oppurtunity I get often as a guide and that is to introduce people to our sport who have never kad the chance or oppurtunity before to kayak fish. Its always a plus for me when I get a new Kayak fisherman on his first fish, his first time out.

Leland and His wife Sophia booked a charter with me to try out kayak fishing while here on vacation like many of my clients. They had never fished in Florida or from a kayak for that matter, so I started them with the basics of kayak control, and then moved onto distribution of your items on your kayak to balance out load and keep the yak tracking straight,places to store rods and why to never hang your reel over the side of the kayak, places to store lures, knives, etc.  Basically what to have where and when. Then get them comfortable with the kayak seating position and foot pegs, and then move onto paddling technique and tracking. Its amazing the amount of people who will use a paddle upside down. Those of you who know what im talking about will giggle about that. 

Once we are through with all that I move onto actually fishing and techniques for using lures, live bait, and the different types of fish we fish for, and how we go about it, identifying fish, tails, swirls, mullet schools etc. Some pick it up quickly others I need to be patient with and stick with them till they get it. Thats what I'm paid for and I haven't had a complaint yet.

Leland and Sophia did a great job learning super fast, and we had them both hooked up within the first hour of fishing. They became instantly addicted, and I ended up keeping them out a few extra hours which I don't mind for those who are truely enjoying themselves which is 100% of my clients.  

The beauty of our sport is it requires so little equipment, its mainly knowledge. And I love being that wealth of knowledge for newcomers in our sport. And I love putting my clients in the Old Town Predator, so many have gone right out purchased one!!!!!

Love the AOTW crew keep it up guys, I can't wait for my shoulder to get better so I can do more personal fishing. I'm slacking on fishing reports.

Kayaks Used

Predator Series

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