First Winter Double Pike

It’s been a whole month since I wet a line and waiting for the wind to drop was like waiting for Christmas! Finally, a calm day arrived and I arranged to meet Chris on the water. It was his first time at the venue so I was looking forward to showing him around.

I was on the water for first light and cast out a Jazz Grinner lure (UK Wooden handmade) to troll whilst I paddled out. No more than 1 minute in and a small Jack to open the account.

As the wind was blowing me in the direction I wanted to go, I switched from trolling to fan casting and instantly picked up 2 more small Jacks. They certainly seemed up for it today, so I decided to stick on a bigger lure. The Shakespeare Mega ‘S’ was the weapon of choice and it was definitely the right choice. It winkled out a couple of bigger fish to 88cm- 11lb.

It was only 10am by this point and I get a message from Chris to say he can’t make it. Shame really as I knew he really wanted to get out and the fish were really on it. There’s always another time though….

Onwards and upwards, I switched back to Smilers and Grinners with the hope of finding a Perch. Wasn’t to be unfortunately. I also tried drop shot lures and worm but not a sniff; I did pick up about 10 more Jacks though.

So a great day despite the drizzle. End tally was approx 15 Pike to 11lb which is a result. Apologies for the photo quality, I just couldn’t keep the camera lenses dry.

The big girl did get me though... Slice straight in the thumb! DOH!

Kayaks Used

Trident Series

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