First tournament

Well had my first tournament of the season and it was a tuff one. That day the winds must have been around 25 plus and seas about 4 feet. Just keep in mine this was a kayak meet. The meet started at and everyone headed out. I decide to try to go to Beavier Tail against the wind, about 2.5 miles. After about an hour paddling I thought to my self I'm not going to make it that far and I will be very tired by the time I get there. So I stopped I my first spot and dove there for about 2 hours and drift dived with my Yak. I shot my first two fish and could not find any decent fish in that area.

So I hopped on my Yak and when I was going to get my stringer tide to my kayak I notice that I lost my stringer. After all that hard diving and loosing my stringer I was disappointed that I lost two nice fish. 

I said to my self great now I have about an hour to spear some fish and give me enough time to get back to land. I headed to one spot that I know and some time there is good fishing there. When I got there I anchored and swam to my spot. My first dive I looked into the caves and saw a nice big tog. I shot him and he was about at least 10 lbs. While I was down there I notice good size fish down there. Did a couple more dives and shot two more nice togs around 7 to 8 lbs. 

I headed back to land for the weigh in. When everyone so the nice stringer I had I was very happy that I went to my spot. Some times things happen for a reason and that day I took 1st place and Largest fish award. 

Kayaks Used

Prowler Series

One of the most popular angler kayaks on the market, the Prowler 13 combines performance with features. A large bow hatch, an oversized tank well and several places to mount fishing gear, the Prowler 13 was designed to produce results. Read More