Fish small waters!

I was itching to get my fishing started, but the rivers and creeks have been rolling from recent rains. So, I decided to try some small beaver ponds that I have been eyeing for a couple years on my hunting lease. The one I decided to start with had been full for at least the last five years that I've been hunting the property. So, I hacked my way into the pond with a machete. Finally, finding a muddy beaver slide that I could pull my Old Town Predator MX through to get into the pond. Once into the pond, I headed straight for the beaver dam, because that should be the deepest water. After a few casts, I finally connected with a 3 pound largemouth bass! After a few more casts, I had finally figured out a good pattern. In the end, I caught 7 bass in about a two hour time span, and all inside a half acre beaver pond! So, my suggestion is, if there is a body of water that you think may hold fish, get in your kayak and check it out! You never know what small waters may hold!

Kayaks Used

Predator Series

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