Galveston Redfish Series PREFISH

My tournament partner Aaron and I are headed into the last leg of  a local tournament called The Galveston Redfish Series.  We spent a few hours this morning looking for those magic sized redfish (27-28 inches).

Things started off slow with a few lower slot fish but heated up fast.  We came across a large school of upper slot redfish and landed two immediately that totaled 14.5lbs. That is a good weight for this tournament but not large enough to win.  Aarons fish was the right size at 7.5lbs.
We spent the next hour catching smaller fish before moving over to the next marsh complex.  The fish there looked like they could be the right ones for this tournament.  Though this fish was oversize it was HEAVY....and I know if we can find some this shape but shorter they will be the winning fish.

All of todays fish were caught on MirroLure She Dogs and Bass Assassin Sea Shads. 

Kayaks Used

Prowler Series

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