Good day and a three hour tour 3RD WEEK OF DEC 2011

 Fish where being caught with more frequency outside of the ships, so Damien, Shante and I were heading out for the drift. I stopped on the outside of the ships to rig my eels and get ready for the paddle/troll out. I dropped my weighted eel down and started working on the free-line, I felt a hard thump, looked at my rod tip and grabbed it as it started to bend! Shante just came through the ally, looked at me and said “Are you ####ing kidding me!!!” landed that 42”er got the shots and release footage, and dropped doped down for his buddy. 15 mins later as I was putting on my sweatshirt, my line went “Zip Zip!” landed that 44”er as Damien finally paddled up.
After a while with no bites we headed out for the drift. We stopped about 500 yards off the end of the pound nets so Shante could un-tangle her lines and Damien’s live eel on a 2oz jighead rod went down. Damien landed his near 45”er. We began our drift right there. As we slowly drifted south we had one rod 15 feet down and one eel with no weight cast out. The free-line is the deal on a drift; it gets hit 90% of the time. After the free-lined eel swims down, I slowly reel him up. On one of these retrievals I had a striper grab at it. I didn’t have my drag set to strike and I missed ‘em. One another cast I put the eel on a stripers head, because it took 2 sec (actual time on the footage) for the line to start peeling off. I didn’t even have the rod set down before I set it tight. This one was the larger one of the day, a hefty 48”er.
The next day we could get out Lee and Tex and I paddled out for the same drift. The one boat by us had a run but other than that, it was nonexistent. The fog rolled in as we were out there. We could not see the shore line at all, so we couldn’t see how fast we were drifting. We paddled in to till we should see the end of the pound nets. I could see the tree tops and saw the cell tower… that was two miles south. We drifted down to sunset beach in 50mins. Well we figured we might as well keep on going, fish the high-rise at the turn around current and drift on back with the current. None of us was prepared for an all-day’er, we didn’t have any food, and we were only going out for three hours. I did find a pack of granola bars and about a dozen croutons. We had plenty of water so we were in no real trouble and we had a plan. The plan changed when the windy fog rolled in and it got cold. We didn’t want to fish the high-rise in fog and wind, so we started our paddle back a hour earlier, when the current got with us it was an enjoyable paddle.
That was it for this week, I hope everyone has a merry Christmas and I hope you have time to get on the water and get a shot to GET ON’EM!!! 

 Damien releasing the 44"er


Lee casting on the drift

Kayaks Used

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