Great Trip with my son!

Andrew and myself, with everything going on during the holidays, have not really had the opportunity to make a YakAngling fishing trip in awhile. Earlier this week we finally pulled a plan together and made it out to Matanzas this morning. Unfortunately the weather had other plans.....

We arrived at the launch around 7:00 am. The incoming tide had just began to start coming in, the air was a crisp 40 degrees with a Northwest wind, the water temp was around 60 degrees and Andrew was in shorts and one of our tournament jerseys..... I have no idea what weather station they get in Astor, but it was cold! Our high hopes of getting some great pics with the kids and making one hell of a post shortly began to fade, quick. Well...... I am not one to beat a dead horse, but Andrew did not have a good day and had to call it quits very early and what I am about to post will further add salt to the wound. It was just one of those days.......

After our departure from Andrew, Alyson and Riley, Nick and myself figured we would just continue to fish. I work all week and my fishing is limited as it is, so we went on with our business. Currently at our notorious "Redfish Hole", even with a negative low tide and the incoming still in its first hour proving to be a bust (I possibly could have just given up on it. We will never know the true outcome), we decied with the cool water and a good flow of  the tide now pushing in through the creeks we should move and possibly search for some trout.

The trout in the creeks near Matanzas are plentiful throught out the year, especially during Northeast Florida's cooler months. Catching your slot trout and an occasional 20+ is not unusual, but what happened today proved at least in my eyes that today was just one of those days. Nick and I found a nice eddy of water where 2 large creeks were joining together with a nice oyster bar right smack in the middle. I was smacked in the face with one of those feelings that something was lurking in that eddy waiting for the perfect meal. Today's special was DOA Shrimp in the clear/red glitter pattern (sorry Egret, I was out of VUDU's and had to improvise). First cast, first drift, first twitch and fish on! After a NICE fought battle I landed our first trout of the day measuring 24.5".

This same pattern of drifting the DOA shrimp into eddy proved to be a winner and Nick and myself continued to hook up with Gator trout after Gator trout with only one fish measuring  under 20" the entire morning. We landed 12 trout in the short time of about 2 hours with the biggest measuring in at 28".

This was a great morning with my son! He even landed his personal best trout at 26" (Yes, he is 5 and has a PB Trout larger than yours!)


Then the wind picked up........ Now with the incoming tide running at full force and the 20 mph winds crushing out of the NNE, I had to call it a day and make the miserable paddle against both of these forces of nature back to the truck. 1.5 hours later we were on our way home relishing in our moment!

Miguel Pandich 2014

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