Guiding in the worst of weather conditions (1)

Tuesday 10/18 - Cold front moving in quickly from the North West dropping temps to a a unfavorable air temp for fishing here in Florida, starting off at a brisk 45 degrees in the morning warming up to about 58, but with 20mph winds making the actual tempertature with wind chill factor of about 47degrees. Not exactly ideal for Florida Flats fishing as the flats water temperatures will change with air temp quicker than deeper water. Most of the fish we target can sense rather well when these fronts are approaching and sometimes you can get a bunch of them feeding heavily before they take off for warmer deeper waters, and sometimes its just a barren waste land with 80% of your fish hunkered down in deeper water with a few fish sitting in sand holes waiting for some sunlight to warm them up. When it comes to fishing fowl weather you just don't know what to expect.

So John and I launched a little later than the crack of dawn due to the colder overnight low. On the water about 9am for a full day charter with air temps on supposed to get colder. We tried some drifting and casting but the wind was way to aggressive and sight fishing was defintely out of the question. We had but one reliable option and that was soaking bait in specific areas where I knew some fish would be trying to stay warm.

First stop we had two hook ups but John was unfamiliar with circle hooks and still had his Kentucky Bass Hook Set in his head so he pulled the hook on the first two.

Moved to another spot, where we are fishing a ledge where it goes from 5ft of water to 2ft of water. We again have another solid hook up and John fought the fish well, had a leader touch, but was still figuring out how fishgrips work and ended up loosing the Reddrum at the side of the kayak, before a photo.

We kept moving to different spots along the ledge and had several hook ups but for some reason they didn't want to stay connected. In the end we went 3 for 7 on Reddrum, and my client was stoked and loved paddling around in the Old Town Predator 13.

Kayaks Used

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